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Propagate Projects is a project management consultancy working across a broad range of agriculture & rural industries. Propagate Projects is efficient, immersive and practical, and specialises in developing innovative solutions to drive agribusiness performance in a rapidly changing operating environment. 


Drawing on a vast array of experience dealing with complex and changing agriculture issues at an industry and farm level, Propagate Projects emphasises a people based approach to support businesses and organisations to solve problems, take up opportunities and lift quality and consistency of outcomes to the next level. When the data tells us something should work, and it doesn't, traditional approaches to business performance may be left wondering. Propagate Projects can help you think a little differently, try something new, and support the most important asset Australian agriculture has-it's people!



Amy Fay is part of the next wave of agribusiness professionals developing practical and innovative solutions to drive agribusiness performance across all levels of the industry. 

Amy has established Propagate Projects as a platform to broker the latest knowledge and best practice within and outside agriculture.

With a background in agriculture policy and rural research project management combined with on farm experience across a number of industries in Australia and overseas, Amy bridges the divide between corporate and crops, government and gumboots. 

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