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Special Projects & Research Management

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Policy &


Do you manage a complex and evolving farming or agribusiness?

Are you expanding or changing at a rapid rate?

Are you overwhelmed with information and the volume of decisions being made daily?

Do you want to take a more professional approach to the way you do business?

Do you want to create more fulfilling ways to work with your regional or head office colleagues, bank or staff? 

01/  Agribusiness 


What we do:

  • Support optimal decision making, through volatility and variability

  • Assist you to work effectively as a team to solve problems and take up opportunities

  • Increase the effectiveness of your communication across all aspects of your business

  • Ensure you've got the right policies and procedures to protect and improve your business and people

  • Help you identify and implement governance processes

  • Identify and implement operational staff training and development

What we don't do:

  • Replace your agronomist, accountant or HR person. We help you work better as a team by making sure you've got the right structures and processes in place

  • Tell you how to do your job. We become part of your team and help you achieve your goals, with the support of fresh eyes and ideas



Projects & Research            Management

Is there an aspect of your business you want to explore but don't know where to start?


Do you need to evaluate how a technology or practice will add value to your operations?

Are you setting up a new development, enterprise or farm business and want it implemented efficiently & effectively?

Are you an industry or government organisation looking for a reliable and experienced project manager?

What we do:

  • All aspects of project management for public providers and private organisations

  • Place emphasis on flexible and agile project design and management

  • Prioritise collaboration and partnerships-it takes diversity of thought and perspective to solve complex problems!

What we don't do:

  • Go over time and budget

  • Prioritise process over outcomes-we incorporate both

  • Forget the practical-we groundtruth as we go and adapt accordingly

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Policy & Strategy

Are you facing a complex and multifaceted issue in your business, industry or region? 

Do you want your voice heard or do you need to listen more closely? 

Do you need to review what's happening around you and develop a strategy or way forward?

What we do:

  • Critical analysis and environmental scans of regions, industries, opportunities and challenges

  • Stakeholder consultation 

  • Development of agile and efficient strategies to guide future effort, investment & collaboration

What we don't do:

  • Superficial engagement-we immerse ourselves in your community

  • Get political-we take an evidence based approach 

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